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Mission | True North | Beliefs

Who we are, where we are headed, and what is our identity.

Our Mission

Who We Are

The Experience exists to glorify God by helping people Connect, Grow, and find Purpose:

Connect - We help connect people with God, their families, and friends by developing vibrant and loving relationships.

Growth - We help people grow and become complete in faith as true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Purpose - We help people understand their God-given purpose by serving others and sharing our faith with passion.

Our True North

Where We Are Headed

We want to serve people in Glendale and surrounding areas who want a change in their lives and need help from loving and welcoming people, with no judgment, who can demonstrate and show a fulfilling life through Jesus Christ.

Our Beliefs

What Is Our Identity

We believe in one true God whom is Creator and Redeemer of all things - His name is Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Bible or His Word is the instruction manual of how we ought to live. It is perfect and authoritative - it exemplifies who Jesus is and is our road map to a fulfilling and righteous life.

We believe that Jesus died and arose from the grave to save humanity. We do not take His birth, life, crucifixion , and resurrection lightly. We understand that His miraculous birth, perfect life as a man, death for our sins, and ascension into heaven proves Him as Lord and Savior. His existence and journey allows all humanity to receive complete and direct access to Him.

We believe in baptism (both water and Holy Spirit) and communion. Our church exists to share the good news of Jesus Christ through teaching and fulfilling ministry. This is not done in vain but to further grow the Kingdom of God. None of this is possible without developing long-lasting friendships with people. Our people help us to achieve our True North by baptizing and teaching our friends who become disciples.

Got questions?

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